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Vandenberg Air Force Base Rocket Launch Scrubbed During Liftoff

The increasing satellite and rocket launching is a sign of prosperity in the field of research and technology. However, along with the never-ending success in space technological launching and landing, there also follows a number of defeats like vehicular technical issues. One of the latest is the call off of the satellite-carrying rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The reason for the canceling of the launching task has been concluded to be some related to the technical operations.

The United Launch Alliance rover had been all checked and finalized for launch but during the prime seconds of taking off the rocket had to be put on hold. After the detailed checking of the vehicle, the fuel problems were to be blamed for the sudden scrubbing at the time of live broadcasting. It was quite disappointing for the populace who flocked Griffith Observatory in hopes of catching a glimpse of the spellbound night show in the dark sky from the recent rocket. This rocket liftoff cancelation is surely not going to go down well.

Though the sequencer controlling the countdown from the ULA confirmed the problem detection still no exact reasoning has been given for the cancelation. The launch site and control center issues had already delayed the launch from December 7 afternoon to December 10. This rocket named Delta IV Heavy was scheduled to carry a payload comprising of a government reconnaissance satellite. From the past 12 Years, the ULA has carried out almost 27 launches for the National Reconnaissance Office. After the success of the first Chang’e-4 mission for the historic far side of the moon exploration, the country plans to launch a fifth Chang’e mission next year so as to collect moon surface samples and bring them back to Earth for further analysis.

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