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Apple’s HomePod Will Debut In China In Early 2019

Apple claims that its smart speaker (HomePod) will be arriving at China early in 2019. The nation is the newest in Apple’s slow branch out all over the globe for the Siri-supported speaker. The HomePod has launched in Canada, France, and Germany in June, and Spain & Mexico in October this year.

Preorders are not live still in China for the HomePod, but a new product page has come into view on the firm’s website, claiming that the speaker will be accessible early next year. The HomePod’s capability of supporting Cantonese and Mandarin apart from all the other languages it already offers places it above other Chinese smart devices that only provide Mandarin. It has been a hard time for Chinese smart device manufacturers to design other languages, but Apple already has that tech in-built. Similar to other Apple goods in China, that innovative tech is arriving at a premium. The HomePod in the country will have a price tag of RMB 2,799 or almost $408.21.

On a related note, as per a media report, MediaTek (the Taiwan-located firm) might secure an agreement from Apple. The iPhone manufacturer is claimed to be mulling over one of Mediatek elements, 5G modem processor to be exact, for its upcoming devices. The firm’s decision is claimed to be targeted at lowering its reliance on US-located chip maker Qualcomm, given both are attached in a lawful battle over copyrights. The iPhone manufacturer is yet to take a make a decision on this as both have to be in agreement on the future technology developments, product roadmap, and more.

It is worth including here that MediaTek will arrive as the 2nd provider of 5G modems, with Qualcomm remaining as the major provider. If MediaTek and Apple join hands, the outcome may be witnessed in the iPhone models of 2019.

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