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Google Asserts Google+ Bug Hampered 52.5 Million Users

Google will close down its social network, Google+, much earlier than it planned after finding a second bug that disclosed millions of users’ personal data to software developers. In a blog post, the company stated 52.5 Million people were distressed by a bug in November’s software upgradation. The recent bug permitted application developers to access users profile information that was not marked public. The app developers unintentionally had access to this information for 6 Days.

Google stated the company noticed the problem during its usual testing and resolved it in a week of discovery. Google revealed an identical bug in October. At that time, the company stated it has “found and instantly patched” a bug in March 2018, which conceivably permitted developers to access profile information that was not public, including email addresses, usernames, ages, and occupations. Reportedly, the bug affected over 500,000 accounts. The company stated no third parties have compromised its systems and Google has not found any evidence regarding developers misusing the data or were aware of it. With its second awkward privacy issue in 2 Months, Google+ will close down in April 2019. Almost 2 Months ago, Google stated the company has planned to shutter Google+ in August. Meanwhile, the API (application programming interface) access for developers would be close down within 90 Days.

Lately, Google was also in news for its massive expansion plan. Reportedly, the company is planning to create its own village with over 8,000 homes. Google has publicized plans to construct a huge complex in its home city of Mountain View, California. In documents revealed recently, Google details its aims to reconstruct the North Bayshore area in Mountain View, adjoining new retail space, offices, and new homes. The designed construction is part of the company’s attempt to deal with a housing shortage in the area. According to CNBC, Google expansion plans comprise 400,000 square feet of retail space, 3.12 million square feet of office space, and almost 8,000 new homes, plus 35 Acres of publicly reachable space.

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