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Levi’s And Google Smart Jacket To Warn You If You Leave Behind Your Phone

Levi’s Jacquard and Google smart jacket has rolled out a new feature developed to stop you from accidently leaving behind your phone, as spotted by media.

The function, dubbed as Always Together, is an automatic notification system that will go off if the jacket shifts too far away from your handset. When activated, alerts take place on both sides. So, your handset will get an alert, and the signature sleeve tag of the jacket will also vibrate and blink. Earlier, the media claims, there was a manual option for finding your handset where a dedicated gesture on the jacket can alert your phone to ring at high note.

It is a neat inclusion for the smart device, which can already employ touch inputs to manage your things on your handsets such as navigation pings inside Google Maps and music controls. Previously this year, an upgrade on platform included a few other features such as pin drops on a map to save spots and support for ride-sharing notifications.

On a related note, scientists for the first time have created fibers with equipped electronics that are so supple they can be equipped into wearable clothing by weaving into soft washable fabrics. Inserting optoelectronic high speed semiconductor devices, comprising diode photodetectors and LEDs (light-emitting diodes), into washable fabrics also makes it potential to create clothing that interacts optically with other gadgets.

This finding, defined in the Nature journal, can unlock a new “Moore’s Law” for fibers. In different words, a speedy progression is done in which the abilities of fibers can grow exponentially and rapidly eventually, claimed scientists from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston. The major breakthrough for creating these new fibers was to increase the performance of light-emitting semiconductor diodes and to add a couple of copper wires.

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