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Qualcomm Persuades Over iPhone Sales Ban In China

A Chinese court has debarred the sale and import of many older iPhone models across the country after Qualcomm’s plea for a sanction was granted. Qualcomm claims that the iPhone breaches two of its patents, one linking to photo editing and another to touchscreen app multitasking, and both the patents previously had been found valid by the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

Don Rosenberg—General Counsel and Executive VP of Qualcomm—stated, “We intensely value our associations with clients and hardly ever resort to the judges for the assistance, but we have an enduring belief to guard IPR (intellectual property rights).” Rosenberg further added that Apple maintains to gain from our intellectual property while declining to compensate Qualcomm. Apple stated to TechRadar Pro that it will demand the ruling and that the accusations had no foundation. An Apple spokesperson quoted, “Qualcomm’s attempt to ban our products is additional desperate try by a company whose illicit practices are under scrutiny by regulators around the globe.” The recent development produces part of a broad-ranging row amid the two companies. Qualcomm has often claimed that Apple has breached its patents, whereas, Apple stated Qualcomm is mistreating its dominant ranking in the market and charging inflated fees.

Similarly, Qualcomm was also in news for holding iPhone and Intel at the middle of Qualcomm’s 5G reticules. The largest mobile chipmaker globally is utilizing 5G phones to follow Apple’s iPhone and Intel’s hardware. This was very clear after Qualcomm’s technology summit in Hawaii in the last week where continuous chiefs correlated the battery and speed gains of Qualcomm’s processors that will control 4G and 5G phones and laptops to Apple and Intel’s competing models. For Qualcomm, it is very important to maintain its dominance as the world’s largest mobile chipmaker.

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