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New Integration For SoundCloud With Serato Is A Missed Opportunity

SoundCloud is now incorporated with the latest editions of Serato DJ, permitting DJs to play, search, and mix any song copied on SoundCloud with the help of Serato. It is a hugely convenient incorporation that will offer DJs authorization to the unique library of music by SoundCloud, but it also has a disadvantage: there is no offline support, turning it into a useless for live performances.

Various DJ tools have had streaming services incorporated for quite some time. But SoundCloud has long been the service that DJs have depended upon for mashups, remixes, and other content, which is not on conventional music streaming services. Having SoundCloud incorporated with Serato is a guaranteed bonus if you wish to try out new music for your set. But during the roll out, there is no support for offline playback in Serato. SoundCloud claims to the media that while offline playback is not comprised in this initial launch, it is arriving in soon.

On a related note, earlier SoundCloud claimed that is bringing lossless music to its Go+ streaming service. Consumers who register to the $10-a-month offering will be capable of listening to any song uploaded to SoundCloud in the high-quality at no additional cost by selecting the “streaming quality” option in settings.

At the moment, Deezer along with Tidal both provide lossless audio streaming, but you will have to give money for a premium service to access that audio quality. Both services cost $20 each month for their separate hi-fi audio tiers. Deezer and Tidal stream their lossless audio at 44.1 kHz/16 bit with the help of FLAC, but Tidal also provides Masters (high-resolution audio tier), which streams WAV or FLAC at 96 kHz/24 bit. SoundCloud did not claimed as to which lossless container it will employ to stream its music.

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