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Second Canadian Goes Missing In China After Arrest Of Former Diplomat

Michael Spavor—a Canadian businessman—who worked with North Korea, has disappeared in China, a Canadian bureaucrat stated, a few days subsequent to Chinese authorities detaining an ex-Canadian diplomat between an elevating diplomatic row. His disappearance goes behind the detention in Beijing of Michael Kovrig—former diplomat—who works for the ICG (International Crisis Group). State media in China has said that Kovrig is being scrutinized “on the notion of engaging in acts that damage China’s state security.”

Spavor, for the time being, is being inspected in China on doubt of harming China’s national security, a Chinese administration said recently. The Dandong city-state safety bureau has been examining Spavor since December 10, 2018. China has reacted ferociously to Canada’s arrest of Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou—the CFO of China’s Huawei Technologies—and Spavor’s disappearance is possibly to further escalating the diplomatic row. Meng’s arrest was done at Washington’s request and she had been charged by the U.S. prosecutors of confusing banks regarding transactions linked to Iran, placing the banks at jeopardy of violating sanctions. Canada has been not able to get in touch with Spavor since he informed the Canadian administration that he was being inquired by Chinese authorities, Guillaume Berube—a spokesman for Foreign Ministry—said in a statement circulated in Canada. Canada was toiling hard to find out Spavor’s whereabouts and would maintain to raise the matter with the Chinese administration, Berube said.

On a similar note, recently, the U.S. unveiled new Africa plan to contradict “predatory” China and Russia and finishing “indiscriminate support” and “unsuccessful, unproductive and unaccountable” UN missions of peacekeeping. While announcing the recent policy, John Bolton—the National Security Adviser—said that it would place US interests first, which is based around trade spat and dealing the threat from terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Bolton also accused Russia of selling energy and arms in replacement of votes at the UN. Those votes he said have help keeping the strongmen in the rule, undermining security and peace, and fighting to the best interests of the Africans. Ashish Pradhan—Senior UN Analyst at the ICG—stated that the criticism that UN missions for peacekeeping should actively function to fix conflict and has resulted in some necessary attempts to improve peacekeeping missions.

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