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The U.S. Military Issues A $331 Million Bill To Saudi Arabia, UAE

The U.S. military is looking for a $331 Million reimbursement from Saudi Arabia and the UAE after finding that it was unsuccessful in completely charging the Saudi-led alliance battling in Yemen for aerial refueling services owing to an “accounting blunder,” the Pentagon reported recently. While the U.S. decided in the last month that it would no more refuel Saudi’s aircraft performing strike missions in Yemen, the Pentagon still anticipates being reimbursed for the terrific costs accrued amid March 2015 and November this year.

Particularly, the U.S. is functioning to recoup almost $294.3 Million for flight hours and $36.8 Million for fuel, according to Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman, who reported that allies have been independently notified regarding how much they owe. Rebarich said in her statement to CNN, “The U.S. Central Command evaluated its records and found faults in accounting where we were unsuccessful in charging Saudi Arabia and the UAE satisfactorily for fuel and refueling services. The USCENTCOM (United States Central Command) analyzed the correct charges and the U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) is on the way of getting reimbursement.” It was an error that was first reported in the last week by The Atlantic and was discovered during a probe by Senator Jack Reed, the ranking Democrat, who said that he is inspired that the Pentagon is presently taking measures to recuperate the funds for the U.S. taxpayers.

On a similar note, recently, the U.S. and India strengthen defense collaboration. James N. Mattis—Defense Secretary—lately had the fourth set of talks with Nirmala Sitharaman—Indian Defense Minister—at the Pentagon. Both the leaders said that the U.S.-India alliance is getting closer and applauded the development and referred the partnership as the world’s oldest and largest democracy. India depleted decades as an “independent” state since the Cold War. From then, there has been a healthy relationship between both the countries that made it clear of no contradiction amid strategic autonomy and partnership. India has foremost defense partner status from the U.S., a position only shared by very close associates such as the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) nations.

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