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NASA’s Ex-Engineer Creates Glitter Bomb Trap To Avenge Amazon Delivery Theft

An ex-NASA engineer has received appreciations online after composing a booby trap to take revenge on all doorstep delivery theft. Mark Rober has spent 6 Months combining cameras, GPS tracking, glitter, and fart spray in an amusing and elaborate mechanism after finding that thieves had lifted an Amazon delivery from his doorstep. The 38-Year-old, who aided in designing the U.S. space agency’s—NASA—Curiosity Rover stated that his engineering experience has equipped him well-placed to “take a step” after unconcerned police left him with “powerless” reaction.

Rober—who spent 9 Years with NASA—stated that so-called “porch pirates,” thieves who loot packages off people’s doorways, have become an escalating issue. According to an assessment by Xfinity Home—Comcast’s home security service—almost 30% of Americans reports they have suffered from stealing or missing delivery orders. Nevertheless, authorities have been kind of slow to take action and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) presently keeps no domestic statistics on the problem. Rober in his video titled as “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap” stated that he felt like some steps need to be taken against the dishonest thug like this.” The video is sponsored by NordVPN and has thus far collected over 4 million views.

Lately, Amazon was also in news as the company is reported its worst quarter ever since 2008 and now faces an important technical test. Amazon has not reported this sort of losses in a decade. The stock—one-fourth of the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) trade—has tanked 23% since the start of October, tracking for its most awful quarter since the fourth quarter of 2008. Ari Wald—Head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer—stated that there can be more obstacles further for the stocks.

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