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With Love From FB—Security Tips With Free Hot Chocolate And Media Reporting

After all the scandalous news for years, Facebook has finally thrown a public event at New York for Christmas. They have distributed free hot chocolate and given free tips on security. Perhaps the biggest effect of the event was on the minds of the hot chocolate sellers around. When big companies come down to mingle with general public, it is indeed a splendid thing.

Facebook has viewed the event as a significant one where they could explain their security and privacy setting directly to the public. The media was also given an opportunity to cover the big news. Facebook’s chief privacy officer is impressed with this attempt and is enthusiastic that they could hear directly from their users. Besides that, users were also helped by staff in steps to follow to delete one’s account (if asked).

Egan has generously pointed out that as a well-wishing company, they would do whatever is beneficial for the people. Even if that requires them to lose a user who can perhaps try any other social media networking platform, that’s okay too. This year had been indeed a roller coaster ride for Facebook after the intervention while the 2016 elections were going on. Cambridge Analytica scandal had also badly affected Facebook during March.

Facebook was accused of breaching serious security details, being involved in a conspiracy theory and faced shocking wipeout in the stock market. The event was therefore a way to make a retreat in the market that would help them connect with people in a closer sense than ever before.

Member of Congress, Steve Cohen has appreciated such an event. Although many have rather criticized this, and held the attempt as a desperate public show off. However, those who attended the event were quite joyous and said the tips were useful and the hot chocolate a Christmas bonus.

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