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UK Top Doc Suggest Junk Food be taxed

Prof Dame Sally Davis, Chief Medical Officer of England has stated that food industry across the world has failed the public in providing healthy and nutritious food at a reasonable price. Shed said that her dream is to make fresh fruits and vegetables affordable for everyone and implement taxes on processed food products that are high in sugar and salt. In her annual report she urged government to ban sugar additives in baby food and create a healthy nation by 2040 with increased focus on environment so that it would be easier for people to live healthy lives.

Her long term goals are to tackle preventable causes of 50 percent chronic diseases and 40 percent of cancer variations that consist of smoking, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution and excessive alcohol and sugary drinks. Encouraged by the success of her proposed tax on sugary drinks which was launched in April, she has requested the government to play a more active role in urging processed food manufacturers to reduce salt and sugar in daily food items. She stated that food industry has not delivered on healthy food targets set by Public Health England and urged them to do more.

Besides asking the government to think about taxing products like chocolates and junk food she said that the tax on these products could be used to subsidize fruits and vegetables that could be sold in stores across the nation which she declared was a dream. Her report has made recommendations like, Extension of taxes on sugary drinks and sweetened milk based drinks, taxing food with excessive salt and sugar, ban on sugar and salt in baby and infant food and Incentives to encourage people to consume more fruits and vegetables.

The report has also encouraged government and National Health Service of England to set up targets for reducing childhood obesity and smoking during pregnancy.

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