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Medical Marijuana Gets Approval In Thailand

The interim parliament of Thailand has voted that the cannabis can be used for medical purposes in the country while use of the weed for recreational purposes is still illegal as per the announcement of Senator Somchai Sawangkarn who voted on the bill. He said that this amendment to Narcotics Bill is like a gift for New Year to people of Thailand. The amendment which was passed after three readings will become effective after it is printed in Royal Gazette. Around 166 members of National Legislative Assembly had voted in favor of this amendment to bring about change in the narcotics bill and though no one objected to it, 13 members decided not to vote for or against the motion.

Thailand is the first southeast Asian country to vote for this historic move that will allow marijuana for medicinal purposes. This part of the world is known for its strong anti-drug regulations and has strict prison sentences and long jail terms for people caught abusing or selling drugs. UK government has also approved use of marijuana for medical purpose this year and from November it is available to patients that have a valid medical prescription. Other countries that have legalized marijuana for medical treatments are Germany, Australia and Ireland.

In United States, marijuana for medical purposes is legalized in only 30 states but laws about its usage vary between states as per details given in National Conference of State Legislatures. In UK medical marijuana was introduced after desperate parents of children with severe epilepsy requested government to consider marijuana as a prescribed treatment. But as per directive of Home Office, doctors can prescribe products that have cannabis only on specific circumstances when a patient’s medical condition cannot be met by regular licensed medicines. Government advisor Dr. Derek Tracy stated that patients with severe pain, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy could be early candidates for cannabis medication.

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