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Make This New Year Your Best Year Yet

While giving New Year advance wishes is important, so is making a New Year’s resolution. This is a custom that millions follow every. Studies have shown that less than 20% of resolutions are followed strictly, and then for only a restricted time. But, making a resolution for your self is tough. Here are some points that can make your New Year the best till date.

New Year Your Best Year Yet


Self-Evaluation Is Your Ego Hunting You

To start, identify that the voice within you that demoralizes you is deception. It is pretending to be real, pretending to be god, but in fact, that self-critical voice is just a part of your ego. It is not the answer to your problems but the source to them. Its judgments are not real.

Know That Only The Present Moment Is Real

You will be free of all self-judgment if you live in the present. The past will no longer haunt you and avoid you from experiencing the life.

This is being awake, being mindful, or just being present. But the mind is a creature of routine. When your mind relapses into conditioning and habits, the current moment is vanished. There is only a current moment if you are living it. So the trick is to get up when you feel that you are not actually present. Knowing you are not present has to take place spontaneously and naturally. A sign to wake up naturally is shown to you each morning. You are unconscious while asleep lying in bed. Then there is a drowsy zone where sleeping and waking are merged, followed by the mind knowing that it is time to get up.

Practice Affirmations

To accept this to daily life, just begin noticing when you have an off-putting thought. As you have seen, off-putting thoughts are hunters from past. When such a thought pops up, use positive thoughts.

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