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Hoffman Accepts To Unknowingly Support Deceitful Effort In Alabama Election

Billionaire Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) has accepted that he partly supported a group that employed disinformation means in 2017 special election in Alabama in an attempt to descend Roy Moore (Republican candidate), as per the media. Previous week, Facebook banned 5 accounts connected to the process for engaging in joint illegal behavior. One of those accounts was of CEO of New Knowledge (cybersecurity firm), Jonathon Morgan. Morgan has claimed that he was not action via New Knowledge and was on his own.

American Engagement Technologies, the group Hoffman financially supported, employed Facebook in a similar manner the way Russia placed itself into the US presidential election in 2016. They made misleading Facebook posts, urged people in Alabama to back a write-in candidate rather than Roy Moore, and produced fake evidence that bots were supporting Moore on Twitter to distribute misleading news. The effort was communally dubbed as Project Birmingham.

On a related note, Oracle, the cloud major, earlier claimed that it entered into a joint venture with LinkedIn (the professional networking platform) to assist HR teams engage, attract, and retain employees. A range of new integrations between Taleo Enterprise Edition and Oracle’s HCM Cloud (Human Capital Management Cloud), and LinkedIn, will assist HR teams to develop their talent pool and elevate career development chances, Oracle claimed.

“The world of work is quickly changing, and this is generating new challenges and opportunities for talent leaders,” claimed Vice President of Business Development at LinkedIn, Scott Roberts, claimed to the media in an interview. “We are happy to be operating with Oracle to make better solutions to make developing and hiring talent as effective & seamless as possible,” Roberts claimed. The new incorporations all HR teams to take a holistic view of their talent’s skills, experience, and career aspirations so as to attain a meaningful arrangement between each worker’s job responsibilities and an company’s overall business goals.

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