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Gut Bacteria Influence The Effectiveness Of Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Type 2 Diabetes has affected close to 415 million people worldwide. It can be classified as a global pandemic. Type 2 Diabetes is one such condition that falls into the bracket. There is no cure as such for it. However, with the medications and changes in lifestyles, one could live with it. The efficacy of the drugs varied from individual to individual and also depends up on the route of administration, which has puzzled a lot of researchers. However, a substantial finding has indicated that the presence of the gut bacteria could be a major reason for this discrepancy.

The research was conducted by Hari Om Yadav, a professor in Winston-Salem. According to his studies, gut bacteria, not only had the capacity to induce obesity and type2diabetes in general, but also people who already contracted the disease had a different composition of gut bacteria itself. He also stated that some diabetes drugs were effective when given through the oral route, while others worked well through an intravenous route.

The basic reason for this is the presence of gut bacteria, which were encountered only through oral route and their ability to metabolize the drug. On using the intravenous route, the drug enters the blood circulation directly.

The research was conducted on 100 subjects, including rodents and human. The significance of this study is the fact that since there is a direct relationship between the gut bacteria and the efficacy of the drugs, altering the microbiome of the gut through the use of certain drugs could help manipulate the efficacy as a whole.

The gut bacteria has the ability to activate as well as inactivate the diabetes drug or even make it toxic, leaving a lot of room for improvisation. This finding will help spur on more researches in the future which will ultimately benefit the people suffering from the unfortunate disease of Type 2 diabetes.

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