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Hulu And AT&T Aim To Run Ads When You Stop Streaming TV Shows

As increasing video viewing behavior shifts to streaming services, some firms will plausibly get more cunning about how to carry on making advertising income that might otherwise have originated from old-school ads. Hulu and AT&T are both actually now mulling over a new kind of ad that might run when you stop a video, such as a movie on Hulu or a TV show on DirectTV, as per a media report.

“As on-demand streaming starts, it is obvious that users are going to wish to pause,” claimed Hulu’s head of advertising and vice president, Jeremy Helfand, to the media in an interview. As per Helfand, Hulu will launch the supposed “pause ad” sometime in 2019. Helfand claims that the pause will offer a normal break in the user experience.

AT&T also aims to roll out a same kind of ad next year when a viewer stops a video. “We know you are going to capture 100% viewability when they stop and resume,” claimed vice president at Xander Media for products, Matt Van Houten, to the media in an interview.

Speaking of ads, Facebook Inc earlier claimed that it is experimenting on augmented reality (AR) ads on its News Feed in the United States. The advertisements will allow consumers to virtually cooperate with various goods from visualizing furniture in a room to trying on Michael Kors accessories & sunglasses.

Facebook claimed that Bobbi Brown, Sephora, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and some other companies will began trialing the new concept of ad later this summer. The firm has already experimented AR advertisements on its Messenger application and claimed that companies comprising Nike and Asus witnessed higher engagement from consumers who saw those ads. Facebook also claimed that it is extending the shopping function on Instagram stories all over the world, via which consumers can purchase goods from retailers through the photo-sharing application.

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