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Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Arrested In Canada

Canada took Huawei’s chief financial officer into custody on suspicion of breaching US approvals against Iran, as per the media reports. Meng Wanzhou was taken into custody this week in Vancouver at the US law enforcement’s request and is facing banishment in the US.

It is a very high-profile case, the first primary break in an enquiry that has almost been kept a secret and only after long-harbored doubts about Huawei have become concrete. Meng seems to be the daughter of Ren Zhengfei (Huawei’s CEO and founder), a former engineer at People’s Liberation Army whose relationship to the Chinese Communist Party has added to the doubts of US intelligence organizations. Meng also acts as deputy chairwoman of the company’s board.

“The firm has been offered very little data regarding the charges and is not known of any illegal behavior by Ms. Meng,” Huawei claimed to the media in an interview. “The firm believes that the US and Canadian legal systems will eventually reach a fair conclusion.”

On a related note, Huawei Technologies last week claimed that it was looking for clarification from New Zealand after the nation’s intelligence organization refused the telecommunication sector’s first appeal to employ the Chinese company’s tools in its projected 5G mobile network. Huawei claimed that it had not had official contact with the GCSB (Government Communication Security Bureau), which has mentioned national security worries in refusing a contract from Spark New Zealand (telecoms operator) to develop its 5G network using Huawei tools.

“Huawei is looking for an imperative meeting with the relevant officials and ministers to know the government’s viewpoint and get explanation on the procedure from here,” Andrew Bowater, New Zealand deputy managing director at Huawei, to the media in an interview. He claimed that New Zealand had not shown any proof of unlawful activity and Huawei refused the belief that it endangered local businesses in any manner.

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