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Ebola Increases In The Congo region Making Children And Women Sick

The health ministry of Congo has reported that recently, in addition to a couple of cases of Ebola, 18 more victims of the horrifying disease have been reported in a span of just 2 days when the outbreak of Ebola was declared leading to the death of 5 more people. It has been reported that a total of 470 cases of the disease have been reported till now out of which 273 have proved to be fatal. This statistics were released by the health ministry on Thursday.

The health authorities in the region are currently inspecting an additional number of 106 cases that are suspiciously under the attack of Ebola. Since the year 1976, this one is the tenth time when the Ebola has out-broken within the region. Now is the 2nd consecutive time in the current year when the outbreak of the virus has been reported. This has taken the current total to the 2nd deadliest outbreak of the virus in the entire history. Even today, the one which broke out in the Africa in the year 2014 is the topmost out-break in the history of the entire world where the number of fatal cases were more than 11k.

Considering the total statistical data of the disease, it can be concluded that the virus kills one half of the total patients who are infected. The symptoms of the disease include severe headache along with the fever. Some cases of brain hemorrhage have also been reported. The percentage of fatal cases varies in every individual outbreak. In case of the one which broke out in Congo region this year, 57% cases have been proved as fatal ones. The ministry has reported that around 149 cases have successfully recovered from the disease. On the other hand health workers somewhere around 44 in numbers have been trapped by the virus.

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