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Air Force’s Focus On Space Vital For US To Win In Space—Wilson

Secretary of US Air Force Heather Wilson affirmed her active support for administration department’s effort to start up a new service to defend the nation’s efforts in space and is insistent that efforts should keep on going on even as there is reorganization. President Trump is planning to ask Congress next year to approve creation of a separate military branch exclusively dedicated to protection of US space projects but no-one is sure about how the process will be greeted by congressmen. While speaking at SpaceNews Awards for Excellence and Innovation that was held at Washington Secy. Heather Wilson reminded airmen again to stay focused on the space mission.

During the interview she focused on importance of creating strategies, operational concepts, people and programs to protect and fight when necessary for US interests in space. Last year the Air Force Space Command division conducted several war games and simulations for gaining deeper information about enemy strengths and vulnerabilities of United States. Wilson said that this analytical exercise helped them to understand strategic choices and programmatic issues. This detailed analysis based information has helped Air Force make a strong case before Congress that funds were needed immediately to protect space assets of US.

The Congress immediately responded by approving its requests and allocated $7 billion for space programs that can be utilized in next five years and reallocated another $5 billion from other budgets. Last week Staff General D. Goldfein and Ms. Wilson ordered a 90 day review that would involve red teams and intelligence heavyweights to list out budget priorities for space division in financial year of 2021. She also highlighted the procurement reforms initiated by Air Force during last year to accelerate the production of space systems. This has led to restructure of nine major programs of Space and Missiles Systems Center or SMC.

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