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Huawei App Employs AI To Assist Deaf Kids Read

Deaf kids face difficulties while they are learning to read. As their teachers and parents often do not know sign language, children cannot always make the link between their own life experiences and words on the page. Huawei plans to solve this issue its StorySign Android app. Point your handset at particular kid’s books and the application will employ AI to translate separate words on the page into sign language conducted by an avatar (developed by Aardman Animations). This not only assists kids read, but can educate parents the sign language, which they would need later on.

The application is free on both Huawei’s own AppGallery and Google Play, and it does not need a Huawei handset. It presently supports 10 sign languages (comprising most languages in Europe). Every language presently has just 1 book. It might take a long while before you have a selection of stories at bedtime to read. If you do not mind that, this might boost literacy amongst children who do not always have the comfort of somebody interpreting words for them.

On a related note, earlier a Delhi-based business venture rolled out a new smartphone application. This app can assist people with particular needs to find disabled-friendly tourist locations, restaurants, and other public locations all around the country. The application, dubbed as BillionAbles, is the first lifestyle app of India for individuals with special needs and disabilities, as per Sameer Garg, founder of the app.

Being at the age of 42, Garg was left with paralyzed lower limbs after he went through a spinal cord wound when he was 19. “For decades, I have grappled to discover a comprehensive environment, whether it be public place or workplace,” Garg claimed to the media in an interview. “Presently, in the country, no centralized online platform offers data about convenience of services or places,” he further added.

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