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Google Launches Chrome 71 With Functions To Block Abusive Ads

Google has declared that Chrome 71 is publicly launching out for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as claimed by the media. The newest edition of Chrome was under development over the last few months, touting functions to assist fight in opposition to abusive ad experiences by banning scheming ad designs and displaying billing warning notifications.

With the new version, Chrome will filter experiences on sites that fall below definition of abusive by Google. These comprise web experiences that are not just restricted to ads, similar to auto-redirects that happen without any user action or trick-to-click experiences such as a warning that eventually leads to another website’s landing page or an ad. Websites that are flagged to have abusive experiences will be offered a grace period of 30 Days to clean up their behavior prior to every ad on the website is banned.

Google has been extending the manner it deals with bad ad practices lately. Early in 2017, it declared that Chrome 64 will stop websites from launching tabs, pop-up ads, and automatic redirects.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it will permit specific regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise in Japan and the United States, slackening a previous ban on all cryptocurrency advertisements. Advertisers will require to be licensed with Google for the nation where the ads will come into view, the search engine behemoth claimed to the media in an interview.

The firm claimed in March 2018 it will ban ads for initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies, beginning June 2018. Google’s deed follows an analogous decision by Facebook Inc. The social media behemoth has permitted specific ads marketing cryptocurrency and associated content from earlier-approved advertisers, while barring those associated to initial coin offerings and binary options. Google’s decision to prohibit such ads in March 2018 had sent the value of bitcoin (the well-known cryptocurrency) down over 10%.

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