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Our Team

Freddie Lobel

Having a keen interest in the field of Business, Freddie holds the responsibility of writing articles and blogs related to business such as mergers, acquisitions, events, and much more. Freddie is a skilled and experienced professional who puts forth business-related terms and concepts in an understandable and simple manner. Having an interest in political affairs across the world, in free time, he also puts forth his points of view through his personal blog.


Phone:   +1 610-881-2018

Harriet Duarte
Content Writer & Reporter

Mesmerizing the readers by depicting the various updates and unrevealing mysteries of the space, outer worlds, and other facts relating to the field of Science is one of the skills of Harriet. She has been working with our organization for 4 years and has become a core part of the team. She deals with writing articles and blogs associated with latest and up-to-the-minute news from the Science field. Harriet, in her free time, likes to visit museums across the world and present her experiences through her personal blog.


Phone: +1 610-306-0119

Tony McVay
TECHNOLOGY Editor & Writer

Tony has a keen interest and detailed acquaintance about the world of technology. He likes to stay updated as well as keep others updated about the recent and imminent technologies, which makes him an apt depicter of these events and happenings in a well-versed way. Tony, at our organization, deals with all the recent launches, updates, and inventions surfacing in the technology field. He, in free time, like to go trekking, traveling to new places, and attend technology workshops, exhibitions, and conferences.


Phone: +1 610-722-2474

Mildred McIntosh
Content Writer

Mildred, with a background from Health Sciences and experience of 5 years, is an elite and versatile Senior Content Writer in our institution. Here, she writes articles and blogs associated with the domain of Health. Mildred writes about the latest breakthroughs, inventions, innovations, initiatives, programs, events, and much more relating to the Health domain. In free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family as well as explore new places.


Phone:  +1 610-611-8819

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Freddie | +1 610-881-2018

Harriet | +1 610-306-0119

Tony | +1 610-722-2474

Mildred | +1 610-611-8819

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